04+ Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon Low-Pro Transmission Crossmember

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Designed with efficiency and innovative features in mind, this crossmember is simply the best bang for your buck.

This crossmember fits 04+ 2WD Z85 Chevy Colorados / GM Canyons. After lowering your truck, the stock crossmember leaves very little clearance between itself and the ground. Installing one of our crossmembers will significantly increase ground clearance and clean up the appearance under the truck.

The bolts are shielded by unique "sliders" incorporated into the mounting flanges

Grade 8.8 zinc plated metric hex bolts are included for maximum durability

The stock crossmember hangs well below the frame

New low profile crossmember installed

Other features include maintaining stock geometry by angling the mounting flange and optional powder coating.

Base Price: $110


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Frequently Asked Questions

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